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TALENT TOKEN EXCHANGE is an exchange on which celebrities are listed, and fan service participation tickets (TL) issued by celebrities are sold and bought by users such as fans and investors.

Users buy and sell TL auction style using TX Coin on the TALENT TOKEN EXCHANGE platform. By winning a big on your favorite celebrity 's TL, you can earn the right to participate in the fan service that the celebrity carries out.

Users can earn the chance to interact with their beloved celebrities, while celebrities not only earn profits, but also create opportunities to get new fans.

The aim of TALENT TOKEN EXCHANGE is to give both celebrities and fans new chances and create many star celebrities starting from now.

Link: Concerning the relationship with eSports player


The Various Fan Services
Conducted by Celebrities

  • Invitation to a group chat on the dedicated app in which the celebrity himself/herself is a participant

  • Video call the celebrity himself/herself through the dedicated app

  • The celebrity follows you on Twitter

  • The celebrity and fans interact over a meal

The above are examples of various fan services.
Celebrities can sell TL for fan services that can be easily carried out through the exchange.

Fans and investors use the dedicated app to sell and buy those TL. The TL prices are decided based on the auction among users, so they are constantly changing depending on the popularity of the celebrities and the quality/volume of the services.

Fans and investors can also profit through the buying and selling of TL.

Item AirDrop Function

Furthermore, the dedicated app comes with an Item AirDrop function that allows fans to give presents to the celebrities directly.

Users can give items bought using tokens to celebrities themselves, as well as group chat participants other than themselves. We plan to provide multiple types of items ranging from 0.1USD to 100 USD.

Item AirDrop will liven up the fan community and increase the entertainment value of the service.

TX Coin

TX Coin is the key currency of the TALENT TOKEN EXCHANGE platform. Users can use TX coins to buy and sell the TL required to receive special treatment by celebrities

Prices will trend upward for popular TLs and trend downward for TLs that are not popular. As TLs are bought and sold through auctions, their prices are constantly changing.

For this reason, we believe investors will also purchase TLs along with fans, and we expect sharp increases in the prices of certain TLs that are projected to be very popular.

As described above, if the overall pricing of TLs on the platform continues to increase, there will be less TX Coins being retained, resulting in increased scarcity value.

A TL for a dinner party with Marina Shiraishi can be purchased using 30 TX Coins

The number of TX Coins necessary will be decided through auctions between users. The price of the TL will be higher for popular celebrities and high-quality services.

Referral Program

We would like to provide a referral program on Talent Token Exchange to promote user acquisition. As referral rewards are scheduled to be provided through ETH, they will not cause TX Coins to fall.

Token Sale

Issued Number: 50,000,000,000


Token Distribution
  • Investors 40%
  • Team & Advisor 60%


Fund Usage
  • Service development 70%
  • Promotion 30%

How to Participate
in Pre ICO

  1. Please fill in the number of purchases and your address of MyEtherWallet and send an email to ico@tltk.io. The minimum purchase quantity is 300,000 tokens. The Ordering unit is 300,000 tokens/order.
  2. We will reply the number of necessary ETH from the secretariat. It changes at UTC + 00: 00 every Tuesday.
    300,000TX COIN=480USD
    300,000TX COIN=510USD
    300,000TX COIN=540USD
    300,000TX COIN=570USD
    300,000TX COIN=600USD
    300,000TX COIN=630USD
    If you order more than 90,000,000 tokens, you can order at the lowest price at any time.
  3. Please send the sender's address after remittance to the wallet address designated by the secretariat.
  4. After confirming by the secretariat, we will inform you of the number of tokens that we secured promptly. If it is busy, it may take several days to contact you. If there are many orders, we may not be able to secure the order quantity.

Issuance of tokens and listing of cryptocurrency is scheduled for March 2019.


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