TTX is a comprehensive content platform utilizing NFT technology,
offering a variety of contents fully utilizing NFT,
such as games, music festivals, live streaming,
and sales of NFTs collaborating with celebrities and music artists.

We will continue to provide a wide range of contents
for everyone to enjoy using the most cutting edge technology


You can start using the service by registering your e-mail address via the Sign Up button on the service page.

To use our service, you need to deposit TTXNFT token to your account. After opening an account, please send TTXNFT token to the designated address. Both ERC and BEP are acceptable. Your account will be credited according to the amount of money you send.

Purchased tickets are non-refundable. However, there are "Auction" and "Ticket Lending" functions in the app, so you may be able to sell your tickets to a third party there.